Graphic design

This is a sampling of my graphic design work grouped in categories, though the scope of projects goes beyond the examples here.
Advertising and commercial design has always interested and challenged me to integrate design with function and text with images, in the effort to communicate the message or concept effectively.

Logos and co
mmissioned art


Print advertising:

Brochures and booklets:

Spot Cartoons

This is a collection of cartoons I did to illustrate a front page feature called The Box for the Flint Journal. The Box was a five column by two inch space near the footer of the front page that printed local and wire stories that were unusual or odd in content. I wanted try to give the art an edge to attract the reader to the story, and a whimsical cartoon allowed me the freedom to exaggerate an aspect of the story to accomplish that. In a reader survey at the time The Box was voted as the second most read feature of the paper. The art was done under a true deadline situation, in the newsroom literally an hour before going to press.